Photography Portfolio

Hi my name is Paul, I am a self taught amateur photographer who just enjoys the process of taking, editing and sharing my hobby.

I started off like many amateurs out there with a bit of a ‘hit & miss’ attitude when I first started happily snapping away with a little compact camera and just enjoying being behind the lens seeing the world a little differently.

My ‘hit’ ratio was probably somewhere in the 1:100 ratio and a few family/friends started to comment on the good ones giving me the required push to attempt to better my skills. It was shortly after that my parents gave me their recently purchased bridge camera after finding it too cumbersome for their holiday snaps.

This is where my journey began in photography. The bridge camera enabled me to learn the fundamentals of my new hobby teaching me to take control of the camera and no longer letting the camera do the work.

Since then I have upgraded to a Pentax K5 enabling me to change lenses opening the scope of the camera far beyond what the bridge camera ever could. I now continue to try to learn as much as I can and have recently had some of my work printed in Digital Photographer Magazine plus I have been selected as 'Photo Of The Week' by both Digital Photographer Magazine & JPG Magazine.

Thank you for taking the time to view my photos and if you have any comments, questions or enquiries please fill free to contact me via the contact form on the contacts page or drop me a line at either of the following email addresses : or

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